Baker & Roszczyk has broad experience representing individuals charged with crimes in both Federal and State Courts. We understand how to protect your liberties and rights, and minimize the impact of criminal charges.

White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crimes are offenses that are generally nonviolent, financially motivated, and often use deceit to achieve their purposes. These offenses are called “white collar” because the most common offenders are people working in business or governmental settings. Baker & Roszczyk has represented individuals and businesses charged with:

•    Securities Fraud
•    Embezzlement
•    Real Estate Fraud
•    Money Laundering
•    Tax Evasion
•    Mortgage Fraud
•    Ponzi Schemes
•    Bank Fraud
•    Credit Card Fraud
•    Mail Fraud
•    Healthcare Fraud
•    Medicare/Medicaid Fraud
•    Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO)
•    Political Corruption
•    Bribery

Criminal charges affect your good name, your livelihood, and possibly your freedom. You must not leave such matters to chance, or face them alone. Baker & Roszczyk is here to listen and help If you are the are the subject of a search warrant, target of an investigation, or have been indicted, you need legal representation as soon as possible. Baker & Roszcyk is here fight for you.  

General Criminal Defense

In addition to white-collar crimes, Baker & Roszczyk has also helped individuals navigate through the sometimes treacherous waters of more common crimes; such as:

•    DUI
•    Theft
•    Rape
•    Robbery
•    Assault
•    Drug Possession
•    Solicitation
•    Open Intoxication

Criminal charges will not simply go away. You need an advocate who can protect your rights, minimize damage, and develop a plan for a successful defense - this is what Baker & Roszczyk can do for you. We will fight to have your charges dismissed, win jury verdict, or have your charges or sentence reduced.