The attorneys at Baker & Roszczyk have been privileged to hone their civil litigation skills over a broad range of cases. The firm represents individuals and businesses in matters involving professional liability, products liability, personal injury, employment, commercial litigation, and general civil litigation. Baker & Roszczyk has the experience, resources, and savvy to handle the most complex litigation, and prides itself in providing exceptional service to its clients.

The lawyers at Baker & Roszczyk are well-versed in many areas of civil litigation, including:


Professional Liability

Professionals are not immune from making mistakes. Baker & Roszczyk has both pursued and defended numerous professional malpractice claims on involving physicians, brokers, broker-dealers, architects, engineers, and lawyers.

Securities Litigation

In a world where individuals and business are becoming more and more involved with their investments, Baker & Roszczyk has represented wronged customers, brokers, and broker/dealers in actions involving brokerage and investment accounts for years, and has completed dozens of arbitration proceedings before FINRA, state, and federal courts. These securities claims involve actions for negligence, breaches of fiduciary duty, "churning," suitability, and the enforcement of non-compete/non-solicitation covenants.

Additionally, Baker & Roszczyk understands that claims without merit can still harm the reputation of honest brokers. Its lawyers assist brokers in seeking the expungement of customer complaints from their U-4, U-5, and BrokerCheck reports.

Products Liability

From the simplest home garage tool to the most complicated industrial machine, products harm their users every day. The attorneys at Baker & Roszczyk have pursued civil actions against manufacturers and distributors in a wide variety of products liability lawsuits involving consumer goods, construction and industrial equipment, aircrafts, medical devices, and prescription drugs.


Most people are either employed or employers. Baker & Roszczyk has extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending employment-related cases, including claims made under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and based on race, age, and gender discrimination. Baker & Roszczyk is also experienced in actions related to the enforcement of non-competition agreements and temporary restraining orders related to provisions of employment contracts.

General Civil Litigation

No matter the particular subject, successful navigation of the court system requires a particular set of skills. Baker & Roszczyk has successfully applied its considerable litigation skills to a wide variety of cases involving, among other things, construction defect claims, contract disputes, real estate title claims, commercial transactions, and more.