The attorneys at Baker & Roszczyk have resolved more than 750 personal injury claims, and recovered more than $7 million in settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of their clients.

Baker & Roszczyk represents injured Ohioans in many circumstances, including:

•    Automobile Accidents
•    Trucking Accidents
•    Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents
•    Slip/trip-and-fall Incidents
•    Pedestrian Collisions
•    Wrongful Death
•    Medical Malpractice
•    Workplace Injuries

Baker & Roszczyk represents personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis. That means we only receive a fee if we recover money for you - when  you get paid, we get paid. It is that simple. And while most law firms charge 33% or more, our contingency fee is only 25% in most cases, and will never be more than your own in-pocket recovery. At Baker & Roszczyk, we do whatever we can to maximize your financial position, and send you on the path to a full recovery.

Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end crashes can be much more complicated than they first appear. Collisions at even minimal speed and showing minor damage to the vehicles can cause serious injuries. Baker & Roszczyk understands the tactics insurance companies use in trying to minimize victim recovery in rear-end crashes, and can help you overcome the obstacles you'll face. For more information about rear-end crashes, go to

Pre-Suit Claims

Lawsuits can be messy, and while many personal injury cases can be resolved without the need to file a lawsuit, it doesn't mean they're easy to do. If you've had a motor vehicle accident or slipped and fell at a business, chances are you're fighting with an insurance company that's doing everything it can to make things as difficult as possible. insurance companies try to make you feel like the deck is stacked against you, like you can't win. The attorneys at Baker & Roszczyk love to take insurance companies to task, and fight to bring their clients the best resolutions available without having to go to court.


Even though many cases settle, some don't. All it takes is one unreasonable claim adjuster to bring settlement negotiations to standstill. Insurance companies bet injured persons will simply give up, and take whatever's offered. Baker & Roszczyk isn't afraid of a fight. Its attorneys love being in court, and have a proven track record of success.